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‘Fish & Chips’ surely has to be one of the greatest British meals ever and it is never difficult to find a good chippy in any town and city across the UK. I have to say, I think I have found the best in Salford. It is ‘Kingfisher Salford’ and it is located on Salford Precinct. The quality of the food is incredible. The batter on the fish, which incidentally is cooked fresh in front of you rather than sitting for ages in a warming cabinet, is beautifully light and very crispy. They have an extensive menu to choose from, including all of your favourites from sausages, pies and of course fantastic fish, and even a Full English Breakfast which is served all day too. The restaurant is very clean and the décor is pleasant and there is a very nice seating area inside, and seats are also available outside when the weather is good and you fancy people watching while enjoying your lunch. The staff are very efficient and friendly and even though they are usually very busy, they do know and understand the meaning of ‘customer service’. If I had one negative comment it is this…..when you enter, if it is your first time, it is not very clear that you have to order food to sit in further inside the restaurant as the counter near the door is for ‘take outs’. This wasn’t pointed out to me when I ordered from the first counter and when I mentioned that I’d like to sit in, it was only then that they let me know that I ordered at the wrong counter and that it would be a little bit more expensive to sit in. this I have no problem with, but I think it would be an idea to have a hanging sign or a notice somewhere to make it slightly clearer………..hardly a complaint, more of a pedantic niggle hehehe. ‘Kingfisher Salford’ is definitely the place to go for a superb lunch or tea.

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